We are an oilfield services company focused on providing wastewater and environmental solutions to the oil & gas industry across the continental US.

Black Mountain Disposal develops and operates Salt Water Disposal (“SWD”) Facilities in core areas of resource plays in the United States. Black Mountain Disposal currently controls over 272,500 bbls/d in permitted injection capacity. 

We invest in industry wastewater and environmental solutions, creating partnerships with Oil & Gas operators so they can focus on what they do best: the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Our team focuses on adding value to that mission, allowing operating partners to achieve higher capital efficiency and recycle ratio to their peers.

21 Billion Barrels of Wastewater
Produced Annually by the Industry

98% of Produced Wastewater
is Re-injected Underground

96 Years of Management Team
Oilfield Experience

MLP ASSET CLASS Master Limited Partnerships,
one of the best performing asset classes in the U.S.